“学萃讲坛”第690期--PArticle methods for Naval Applications: The PANDA project, recent applications and new paradigms of the SPH method

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    报告题目:PArticle methods for Naval Applications: The PANDA project, recent applications and new paradigms of the SPH method
  报告人:Salvatore Marrone 研究员
11日 上午9:45-10:30


  报告内容:The application of the SPH method in the industrial context is rapidly increasing. The use of this method ranges from marine hydrodynamics context to multiphase flows and fracture dynamics.This is possible thanks to the enlarging computational resources but, most importantly, also to new models and enhancements that have been developed in the recent years. In the talk it will be drawn the long path that brought the SPH from the astrophysical context to the simulation of complex 3D free-surface flows, highlighting the main limits of the standard SPH formulation and the most relevant models devised at CNR-INSEAN during the last years. A critical discussion of the influence of the SPH fundamental hypotheses will be provided with particular attention to marine hydrodynamics context. Cutting-edge SPH applications and new trends will be also discussed.

  报告人简介Dr. Salvatore Marrone was born in 1983, since 2014 he has been employed as researcher at CNR-INSEAN, the Marine Technology Research Institute of the Italian Research Council, department: Engineering, ICT and Technology for Energy and Transport (DIITET). In 2012 he obtained his PhD degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He was Post-doc fellow at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in 2013 where he worked on application of SPH solvers for the design of wave energy converters under extreme conditions.The main focus of his research is the computational aspects of Mesh-Free numerical methods and their applications to the naval and marine engineering contexts. He is responsible for SPH related industrial applications at INSEAN. He is also in charge of the technical management and development of the SPH-Flow code for the INSEAN side within the SPH-Flow consortium, together with Ecole Centrale de Nantes and NEXTFLOW Software Co.Author of 32 peer-reviewed journal articles, h-index (source: SCOPUS): 13.


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