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“Big Bertha” is born

The biggest piece in the show is 4.5 metres by 2.4 metres and for this reason, it has been christened “Big Bertha”. It is actually a pin and string piece that says “Goodbye Helvetica.”

I’ve been working on this piece all week and it has been slow going thanks to the torrential rain, Australia Day and a persistent flu that just won’t leave me alone. I’m glad to say that the four separate MDF boards have now been cut, painted, drilled, nailed and wound. My husband came and helped me paint and nail, which really helped make up for some lost time.

The plan is to move the pieces to the space tomorrow and hopefully install them. We shall have to see what the weather is doing and how motivated the technical staff at uni are. I’m not looking forward to the install as it’s 3 metres in the air and I’m not a fan of heights. I’ve wound most of the string but once the boards are up, I will have to continue winding to join them all together. This time in a scissor lift.




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