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Opening Night

At last, the moment I had been working towards for five weeks arrived.

The opening night was held on Tuesday night. It was a balmy night, and many sweaty gallery goers stood in front of fans to cool off, but everybody loved it and raved about which piece was their favourite. Big Bertha obviously dropped the most jaws. Many people didn’t even see it at first because there was so much to look at on the floor and walls, but it was quite entertaining watching them look up … and up.

My friend Camille made a short video to document the evening and also blogged about it here.

Design Montage also gave the show a great write-up and previewed some pieces here.

The vinyl cutter arrived … at last!

One of the most stressful parts of this exhibition has been waiting for the vinyl cutter to come back from repair.

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I survived the scissor lift

Most people who know me are aware I suffer quite badly from vertigo. How I managed to spend the last two days winding string 5 metres in the air I will never know, but I did it. Big Bertha is finished!

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“Big Bertha” is born

The biggest piece in the show is 4.5 metres by 2.4 metres and for this reason, it has been christened “Big Bertha”. It is actually a pin and string piece that says “Goodbye Helvetica.”

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Behold the giant pixel “a”

It had to happen, I sliced my finger open working on this piece. I’ve been cutting out squares of foam core with a scalpel for two days, so it’s understandable.

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Second piece is up

After two whole days of pricking holes in black foam core, the second piece is finished. It took quite some time to install it.

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First piece is finished

After two sweltering hot days, the first piece is finished. I can see people walking past the windows and looking very confused as to what the hell is going on.

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And so it begins

I’ve been handed the keys to a fantastic space in Surfers Paradise and told I have five weeks to install a solo exhibition. Excited is an understatement.

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