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First piece is finished

After two sweltering hot days, the first piece is finished. I can see people walking past the windows and looking very confused as to what the hell is going on.

I suppose I started with a fairly cryptic piece and if you don’t know that Museo is a very sexy typeface (pictured in red) and that this is an apology to Helvetica for straying, then it won’t make any sense really! Ha. I projected the piece on to the wall and then painted it and sanded it back so as to give it the appearance of being rubbed out, like it was a mistake. I love how it looks, the texture of the concrete walls shows through really nicely  and the scale of it impresses me because I’ve never really done anything this large. I also really enjoyed using the old projector like we had in high school. The finished piece stands about two metres tall.

On a side note, I spoke to the man who sells coffee just outside the gallery and he said people have been asking him what Museo is, so he had to Google it. Love it! I filled him in on what the whole exhibition was about, so hopefully he can help promote the final show.

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